Jul 08, 2019
Create a Virtual Identity for Your Pet on Pawlee
SAN FRANCISCO - July 1, 2019 - PRLog -- Americans love their pets more than ever before and will often go above and beyond to help keep them safe, happy and comfortable at all times. After all, numerous surveys have concluded that most owners today view their pets as family members. With this said, providing four-legged friends with reputable services is a must. Pawlee is excited to announce the launch of their new digital platform that aims to connect proud pet parents with professional pet caregivers helping them to socialize with like-minded people locally, and around the world.

As much as we love our pets, there are many occasions we may need some extra help caring for them. With over 85 million families in the United States owning a pet, there's a huge demand for pet services like sitters, boarding facilities, groomers and more. Searching for a caregiver for your beloved dog or cat can often feel overwhelming. Pawlee is on a mission to provide pet owners with a platform to make this process effortless, all while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

"We are thrilled to provide pet families with a simple way to connect with other pet lovers in the community, as well as help owners find trustworthy professionals to help meet all of their needs," expresses Aida Monfared, Co-Founder of Pawlee, "We handpick each service provider who registers to ensure candidates are reputable and all pets are in good hands!"

With Pawlee, pet parents can create a pet's virtual identity, making it a Facebook equivalent for pets. This is a fun way to showcase your animal companion and connect with other pet lovers both near and far! In addition, pet owners seeking services can communicate with providers to view rates, availability and book appointments. Services such as pet sitters, boarding, groomers, pet taxis and foster pet parents will be available on Pawlee.

The process of utilizing Pawlee for pet parents is simple!

·    Register yourself as a 'Pet Parent'.

·    Search for local pet service providers near your GPS location.

·    Manage appointments, set pet preferences, track pet activities and much more through the user-friendly dashboard.

·    Connect with an extensive community of pet lovers.

Pawlee's digital platform is set to launch in the coming weeks. Currently, the social media platform is up and running to allow users to get their accounts started and familiar with Pawlee. Now is the perfect time for pet parents to create their pet's profile so that their data is in the system and ready for the official launch! Learn more and register your pet on the Pawlee platform today:

The Idea Behind Pawlee… (A story from the Founders)

The idea for Pawlee began with our cat. She hated being caged, staying in hotels, and plane travel was out of the question for her. We couldn't find an affordable kennel that she found satisfactory. Finding pet-friendly hotels was a real struggle as well.

Needless to say, this really limited our trip destinations. In 2017, we passed through 440 cities by car just because we couldn't find trusted, reliable, adequate care for our cat. When we searched online, we discovered that most solutions, like overnight pet sitters, really only catered to canines. In addition, there was no way to easily compare professionals in our area.

So, we began talking with our pet parent friends. And it turns out this is a common problem for most pet owners. Hotels have weight restrictions for dogs and usually only allow one pet. We also learned many dog, cat, and critter owners didn't know how to find trustworthy, reliable, affordable care.

Once we began our research, we learned that if our friends were struggling with this problem, so were the 163 million Americans that also owned pets. Since 90% of Americans consider their pets part of the family, we knew they'd want to treat them like family, too.

And like that, Pawlee was born. We developed a social media platform and a simple way to easily search for local pet sitters and boarders. But we didn't stop there. We thought, "wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to find any pet professional in one spot?" With Pawlee you can search for reliable pet sitters that will come to your pet or take your pet in, grooming services, pet taxis, foster pet parents, and we even added a pet lost and found!