May 23, 2019
Putting the P-E-T in RESPECT
The idea of respecting a living being aside from humans is probably a given to most of you, but we still hear terrible stories: fighting, malnourishment, neglect. Humans can be jerks, but how do we change it? The best change begins with you.

Take the dog, for example. Let's look at the scientific history of the contemporary dog, an animal that we basically "invented," but not through our means alone. The earliest fossils of dog-like creatures were found throughout Eurasia and are estimated to be 19,000 to 32,000 years old. Dogs had originated from wolf-like candids when we began domesticating them. This was beneficial to us, of course, but the animals themselves had to allow this process. They did so because they knew if they performed for (and with) our early ancestors, they would be fed, have a warm place to sleep, and get pets… Which makes us think of the very first "dog" to have received a pet.. Probably blew it’s mind.

The reason we bring this up is that it is a perfect example of respect: an emotional process of cyclical good-naturedness. We respected the animals, and they respected us right back. That is how the "pet" was created! And this is not meant for dogs only: consider the earliest domesticated animal… the goat. A mutually beneficial relationship from the beginning. We use goats for their milk and agriculture purposes, and they, as prey animals, saw us as protection from their common predators.

Cats were domesticated a little differently; basically, whenever the heck they wanted to be. Cats had found it beneficial to hang around farms and ranches in ancient Asia due to the number of delicious rodents that did the same. The people did not mind them at all, considering they took care of the problem. Eventually, cats grew along beside us.

We have shown these animals respect for thousands of years, and they have done the same, for the same reason: mutual benefits. They're good for us, and we are right for them. Make sure to show kindness towards all living beings, but the ones you react to the most (besides humans) are the domesticated ones, so show them the respect they deserve. We have all been working together on the same planet for some time now, and while there will always be human jerks, you can still do your best to show respect.

Ultimately, they care for us, love us entirely, and want what is best for us. We should always reciprocate. After all, it's what our ancestors would want!