May 28, 2019
Pet sitting vs. Pet boarding: What's your pet's preference?

Just as every human being is different, so are pets. They all have different needs, interests, personalities and proclivities, so it is extremely important that they are happy with and acclimated to their surroundings when they're home alone. Many pets suffer from separation anxiety, which can manifest in some pretty destructive behaviors that align more with distress of being left alone than a lack of home training. Separation anxiety is triggered when dogs become upset because of separation from the people they are attached to, so it really does matter who you leave them with and where.

So, what is Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding and how does it work? …To Sit or Board? That is the question.

Pet sitting is when you have a professional pet sitter come to your home to walk, feed, provide water, give medication, if required, and make sure that your pet has everything it needs, in an environment that is most familiar.

Pet boarding is when you take your four legged friend to a Kennel where they are housed for the time that you are away. It used to be that Kennels were nothing more than concrete floors, steel cages and little to no real social interactions with other pets or people, but my how things have changed! These days pet boarding has kicked it up a notch or 20, now pets are considered guest at what pet stores and Kennels call ‘Pet Hotels’, where they enjoy doggie cots, Dog TV, play dates, space to run around and be free, belly petting, catnip, laser chasing, plush perches and scratch towers and more. This option is ideal for pets that are highly social, energetic and friendly.