May 30, 2019
How to Groom Your Dog’s Stomach Like a Pro
If you have a pet then you might know about the hardships of grooming them at home. And even if you have become a pro in grooming their backs, nails, and faces after practicing for a long time, you might still be unsure of how to groom their stomachs. Let me tell you, it is the same as grooming other body parts. All you have to do is to make your dog comfortable with you touching their belly as the more they put their trust in you, the earlier they will get ready for grooming.

Go through the tips below to groom your pet’s belly like a pro.

1. Finding Appropriate Tools

Well as they say, “Well begun is half the battle won” the first thing you need to do before starting the grooming process is to gather appropriate tools. These include a slicker brush, soft brush, comb, battery operated clippers, and a pair of scissors. You will also require a clean towel or blanket to cover the grooming surface.

2.  Start with Brushing

Begin brushing your dogs all over and then lay them down to expose their belly for brushing. Brush properly to get rid of any knots or tangles. Make sure to avoid brushing anywhere near around their groin region.

3. Time to Use the Harness

It is safe and easy to trim your dog when it is wearing a harness and leash. It will not allow them to run away while you are carrying out the process of stomach grooming. If you have a small dog, place it on a table and use the floor for big dogs.

4. Decide on the Position for Stomach Grooming

If your dog is small, you can easily lift up its legs to a standing position. This will expose its belly for you to easily groom it. And having a helper will, in fact, simplify the process for you. On the other hand, if you have a big dog, lay it on the ground on its side and place a soft blanket beneath to make them more comfortable.

5. Lastly, Start Clipping

First, make the dogs used to of the clippers by starting to groom their back first. If your dog is used to grooming, you can start with their stomach directly. Start with their groin region and move your clippers in an upward direction.

Give a Final Touch Up!

Finally, use a soft brush to gently brush your dog’s stomach to see if any area is not left ungroomed. If necessary, use scissors to trim away really bad mats. And if you are going to groom your dog for the first time, do not worry about being a perfectionist, because a dog won’t complain! Just keep grooming your dog on a regular basis to get better at it.