May 30, 2019
How to Bath Your Dog Outside During Summer
Summer is here, and bathing your dog outside can be fun. But merely spraying them with cold water won’t do the job. You should enjoy the process, and your dog should too! It should be a memorable experience, but at the same time, you should avoid messing indoors and have fun while the weather is beautiful.

Here is a list of ways to make bathing your dog outside a good experience for yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Be prepared for surprises - It can be messy; it can be fun. No matter, however it is, you will experience something fun. Oh, and make sure you don’t wear any leather shoes or new clothes. A simple shirt and rugged up old trousers will do the job.
  2. Arranging the Bath - A small wading pool can be used to make it easier to bathe your dog as it will make sure you don’t turn your garden into a flooded place. You can fill the pool with water and let it warm for a few hours. For small dogs, you will need very little water, compared to a large dog, where you will need to fill water high enough. You are also going to need brushes; lots of them. Combs will also help. If your dog likes drying hair using a hair dryer, you can have one to dry once you are done bathing them.
  3. Get Ready and Get Started - Once your dog is completely soaked, it will want to shake away the water. You can move to the front of their head, and by gently shaking it, they will shake off water from the body. It will also help you avoid sprinkles.

Once you rinse your dog, they will want to jump out of the pool. If you have to use a towel, please do. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with bathing your dog by yourself, or if it is not cooperating with you, you can visit Pawlee, and hire a pet grooming professional who will help you do the job.