May 23, 2019
Foods That Are BIG No-nos For Your Dogs
We all know this feeling: You see your sneaky pup snatch something in their mouth they're definitely not supposed to have, so you spread their mouth open as wide as possible and stick your head and hand in there as they try their absolute hardest to make it one of the most painstaking and arduous tasks. You're basically a lion tamer from a 19th-century circus. But… What exactly are these foods?

We all know chocolate is bad for dogs, but dark chocolate is substantially worse since it contains more cocoa than milk chocolate. As a matter of fact, keep them away from sugar-filled foods altogether, especially gum. Most chewing-gums include xanthan gum- super dangerous for your dog. Xanthan gum can sometimes be found in peanut butter, and chances are your dog loves peanut butter almost as much as they love you (almost!), just double check if there is xanthan gum in there first!

Dogs can eat most fruit in small doses: a blueberry here and there, a small chunk of banana (with a dollop of peanut butter of course)... But never feed your dog grapes and raisins; they're kidneys can't process them correctly! Avocados are also bad news.

Most dog foods have everything that your pet needs to live a happy, healthy life... But don't worry, we understand how hard it is not giving them a little treat when they give you their sad, tragic Sarah McLachlan's "Eyes of an Angel" eyes. Just make sure they give you a proper sit, shake or speak beforehand,